The biggest, boldest environmental project in the country reached its first quarter century in 2016. To celebrate this we're asking for your help in showing what it means to live, work and spend time in The National Forest today.

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A multi-media project capturing
The National Forest in its 25th year.

Photos of the National Forest

We want to create a resource that shows the quirky, the personal, the very special things that the Forest means to you.

  • Do you pass a particular tree every day and watch it change over the seasons?
  • Did your grandparents see the pit in their village change to a woodland?
  • Are you out walking every day and see a particular view?
  • Do you make things in the Forest?
  • What's life in the Forest like for you and what has it meant over the last 25 years?

The Forest is not only the trees around us (eight and a half million and counting!) but also the people, families and communities; the towns and villages; the farms, the houses and businesses; the rivers, wildlife and wildflowers. It's also the fun, the hard work and wow, we live in a Forest!


Please help us create and share a gallery of images that shows what The National Forest means to those who live and work here.

Videos or music

We're also looking for any videos or music inspired by the area.

Please post these to YouTube and send us the link. We can add them to our playlist.

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Discover the Forest through the eyes of those who live it! If you take videos whilst you explore The National Forest, we'd love to add them to our gallery.

We're looking for anything from a lovely photo montage of your favourite Forest sights and memories to clips of your days out and experiences of being surrounded by the variety and wonder that is The National Forest.

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