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Sustainable timber supplies are a fundamental natural component of CHEP pallets. So CHEP's initial sponsorship with the National Forest Company, which will see 12,000+ trees planted over a 6 hectare at Normanton, Leicestershire over the next three years, would seem to be a logical partnership between two like-minded organisations.

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Creating a new landscape from scratch is a challenging project, but Mike Pooley, CHEP's Managing Director, UK & Ireland is relishing the task ahead: "I'm really excited about this project, and very much looking forward to our first tree planting session. Timber is obviously a crucial raw material that underpins the nature of our business, and while we know that pallet pooling reduces the strain on timber supplies, it's more visible for us to be able to give something back in this way in terms of creating a brand new forest. It's a wonderful project giving the opportunity for up to 150 of our employees to participate."

CHEP continuously manages and maintains strict timber sourcing policies which support the replenishment of natural resources by sourcing timber in a responsible and sustainable manner. CHEP is now the only pooling company in the world with both an FSC and PEFC multisite certification, and it is estimated that CHEP pallet pools reduce timber use by the equivalent of 16 million trees per annum worldwide.

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