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Forest Holidays Support Centre is located in the heart of The National Forest in Moira; and supports its nine locations across the UK. Guests stay in luxurious, eco-sensitively built cabins set deep in woodlands, on the edge of mighty lochs, or in bright forest meadows and make their holiday their own.

Forest Holidays Logo

The natural environment is central to the Forest Holidays experience and they recognise their responsibility to protect it. Their 9 UK holiday locations are designed, built and managed with sensitivity to their forest setting, incorporating eco-sensitive features and best practice in order to limit their environmental impact. They are part owned by the Forestry Commission and share with them a responsibility for sustaining and conserving our forests for the enjoyment of everyone, now and into the future.

Forest Holidays Logo

Forest Holidays is supporting The National Forest by inviting guests to make a donation to plant trees when booking their holiday. Bruce McKendrick, Chief Executive said: "There is real synergy in our partnership as one of our values is to protect the forest for today and tomorrow. By supporting The National Forest we are helping to transform the landscape on our doorstep. Our team here at Moira will also be actively involved in planting the trees. We are very excited about the partnership and look forward not only to raising donations but also to make a real difference within our local community."

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