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Reabrook Ltd, based in Moira, has agreed to create new woodland just up the road from where its employees live and work. 42,000 trees will be planted, an attractive mix of oak, ash and birch, creating over 50 acres of new woodland. This will form part of the 90 acre development of new habitats, including parkland, grassland and wetland.

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Reabrook chose to support because its 16-acre manufacturing site is located at the heart of The National Forest, but also, the scheme will allow employees to get involved directly with the tree planting. Malcolm Watkins, Joint Managing Director of Reabrook Ltd, "We understand the importance of the work that The National Forest has completed in our local area, and we are extremely pleased to be able to support them in the next stage of their development."

A privately owned business, Reabrook manufacture and supply a wide range of aerosol and liquid products under private label and for their own brands Arrow and Nielsen. Reabrook also comply with a number of initiatives to minimise waste and actively reduce their energy usage.

"Reabrook has invested a lot of time in identifying our carbon footprint, and we are actively working to reduce consumption" Tony Brealey, Joint Managing Director of Reabrook Ltd "we are focussed on sustainable development in order to meet the needs of the present, without compromising future generations".

Sophie Churchill, Chief Executive of the National Forest Company, "Like many of the businesses here at the heart of The National Forest, Reabrook Ltd has seen a dramatic transformation in the local environment. We are delighted the company has chosen to support our work in continuing the development of The National Forest".

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